Our integrative health model reinforces the relationship between practitioner and patient, and focuses on you as a whole person. Our decisions are informed by evidence, and we make use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals, and disciplines to help you achieve optimal health and healing.

At Casey Health, our treatment plans combine primary care, with integrative and complementary therapies. Before any treatment is prescribed or illness diagnosed, our physicians, providers, and nurses listen carefully, and get to know you as a person. Knowing who you are is equally as important to us as knowing what is making you unwell.

Think of us as your whole health team – integrative primary care physicians, a naturopathic doctor, a nutritionist, integrative psychotherapists, a yoga therapist, a chiropractor, acupuncturists, a wellness coach and a massage therapist all under one roof, to help care for and partner with you in your vibrant health and vitality.

We are an integrative primary care and wellness center that focuses on your healing if you are sick and on everything that makes and keeps you healthy, from primary preventive care to nutrition to yoga classes and more. Our method is innovative, collaborative, and focused all on you, the patient.
We offer integrative primary care, acupuncture, behavioral health, chiropractic, health coaching, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and yoga therapy along with numerous health and wellness classes to keep you feeling good!

A visit to Casey Health is more than just seeing your doctor. It’s a complete, whole-person assessment done through primary care, wellness classes, nutrition and more. You’ll be spending time with us when you’re well, not just when you’re sick, and you will be getting a relationship with a team of health care providers who work together on your care, and talk to each other about what’s best for you.

The Casey Health Model of Care also gives you access when and where you need it. We are accessible 24/7 by phone, and you may speak with a provider or schedule a same day appointment with us.