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CHI will be closed on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24 for Thanksgiving.

We offer our patients a dynamic team of health and wellness professionals, working closely together to create an exceptional Integrative primary care experience.

Our approach to care uses the best of science and medicine together with the body’s own curative power to spark healing from within – promoting physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Four Pillars of Wellness

learnmore At Casey Health, we believe wellness is more than just physical. It’s also social, spiritual, and emotional, which is why we are passionate about incorporating our 4 Pillars of Wellness into every experience you have at our clinic. With these Pillars, we create personalized care plans that support all four targeted areas of your health, and that will inspire you to live a healthier life. At Casey Health, we help you heal.

Moderate exercise and daily physical activity are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. We get you moving, and your body will thank you!
Life today is stress-full. Learning to manage the impact of stress, both positive and negative, is key to maintaining vibrant wellbeing.
Discovering your sense of purpose and connection is vital to achieving optimal health and creating a lasting sense of wellbeing.
We believe food should nourish our bodies, minds and spirits, and that the foundation of true health starts in the kitchen. Get a taste of our of nutrition offerings here!