• Chair Yoga – Take A Seat!

    Chair Yoga – Take A Seat! is a gentle form of yoga practiced sitting on a chair, or standing by a chair for support. By adapting traditional yoga poses, students can enjoy the many benefits of yoga, such as deepening flexibility, building strength, and reducing stress and pain. A great practice for everyone regardless of age, level of activity or health challenges. Join Mary Pappas-Sandonas in this special class for both young and old!

  • Continuing Yoga

    Continuing Yoga is for students who have completed at least one Introductory Yoga course, or by permission of the instructor. The basic poses will be refined with an emphasis on all the standing poses, and inverted poses (headstand, plow, and shoulder stand) are introduced.

  • Dance Fitness!

    Dance Fitness! Come join our fabulous new exercise instructor, Julie Hoang, for this high-energy workout that combines upbeat international music with unique choreographed routines. Dance away your cares while burning 600 – 900 calories per class. (Single class/$5.)

  • Gentle Yoga

    Gentle Yoga is designed specifically for those with health conditions and injuries, as well as for those looking for a gentler exercise class. This personalized, safe approach follows a specific sequences of poses that will help relieve tension and pain while improving posture and alignment.

  • Introductory Yoga

    Introductory Yoga offers an introduction to the fundamentals of Iyengar yoga. Classes include the fundamentals of the yoga asanas, posture and breath and are appropriate to beginning students as well as seasoned yoga practitioners who are new to the practice of Iyengar yoga.

  • Mindfulness Meditation Series

    Mindfulness Meditation Series is a four week course exploring the ways mindfulness meditation can help you manage the stress and anxiety of daily life. The series introduces and highlights mindfulness theory and includes mindfulness meditation exercises. Under Dr. Amanda Skowron’s guidance, your will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life to encourage greater calm. (Class fee/$159)

  • Physicians’ Kitchen

    Physicians’ Kitchen is a four week series that focuses on healthy eating including food choices, preparation techniques, and basic whole-foods nutrition. Food-as-medicine practitioners Nicole Farmer, MD, and nutritionist Xonna Clark, are passionate about healthy eating and its powerful effects on the body. Taught in the classroom and the kitchen, each workshop includes cooking demos, recipe discussion and sample tastings. Students go home with materials and recipes! Single class/ $20; full series/$75)

  • Therapeutic Yoga

    Therapeutic Yoga is open to patients who have a therapeutic yoga protocol developed by Mary Pappas-Sandonas. Participants work through their poses under Mary’s supervision, and participation requires Mary’s approval. (Class is 90 minutes. Single class/$25)